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Vashon Highway Southwest
Vashon, WA, 98070
United States


Tattooed Tinker Studio is a brother & sister forging business. Together we make jewelry, art, and sculpture with basic hand tools and sustainable materials. Our techniques include raising, chasing, repousse, and more. Take a look around - we hope you enjoy the view!

Metalsmithing Awards & Studio History | Fahmy

Awards | Nile G. Fahmy & Michelle Fahmy

Juror Award, Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival 2017

Best in Show, Art in the Pearl 2016

Carol Duke Artist Award of Excellence, Bellevue Arts Museum ArtsFair 2016

Merit Award, Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2016

Award of Excellence, Plaza Art Fair 2015

Benchmark Award, Art in the High Desert 2015

The Eric Berg Prize for Excellence in Metal, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2014


History | Nile G. Fahmy & Michelle Fahmy

Michelle Fahmy & Nile G. Fahmy

Michelle Fahmy & Nile G. Fahmy

Tattooed Tinker Studio creates artwork out of metal because of Nile Fahmy. His fascination with the process of moving metal with a hammer blow began in his early childhood. It is a fascination that never left him and which only grew with time. He has spent his life exploring the techniques of smiths in the landscape offered by a world rich with metal heritage. Speak to him about this landscape and you will be captured by stories from the Bronze Age and by the the marketplace of Khan al-Khalili, by the armor artisans of the Samurai and by the silversmiths of the American colonies. Both Vikings and Tinkers number among his sources for information and inspiration. It would be too simplistic to say that Nile Fahmy is a self-taught metalsmith. It is far more accurate to say that he has sought out teachers who lived in another time, but who still have much to share.


Michelle Fahmy is a metalworker who apprenticed under her brother, Nile. His exploration of the medium and natural desire to teach others gave her access to the unique language of metal movement. In addition to now forging half of Tattooed Tinker Studio's metalwork, Michelle is also responsible for all of the patina and gilding. Nile and Michelle actively hammer together in their creation of original metal vessels and forms. As they are both conversant in forging techniques, they have the ability to challenge each other's ideas and designs. Their collaborative process is integral to their creative process and to the appearance of the finalized piece of artwork.


If you look at the course of a life as that of the progression of a stream, then central to Nile's and Michelle's artistic process is sharing the same headwaters. They might follow different currents, and move at different rates, but the story of Tattooed Tinker Studio will always be foremost about a brother and sister creating metal artwork. Their many shared experiences, likes and dislikes, form the container in which their ideas flourish and grow. Their different skill sets are complementary and their deep rooted friendship makes collaboration a joy.


Nile's & Michelle's raised metal vessels are now held in private collections across the nation.